About Us

Our Passion

Welcome to The Poster Collective (TPC), established by Arts graduate Felix Flaxman in 2009. Here we would like you to indulge in the posters which we are passionate about. We love everything about posters, the touch, the look, the printing processes, even the smell of the vintage paper. All these little things contribute to the authentic value of a poster. We hope you visit us regularly to view the latest finds and news, and to become as enthusiastic as we are about posters.

Our specialism is in original vintage posters dating from the 1890’s, through the 20th century to the present day. Every product on our website is original and from the period, unless stated otherwise.

Here at TPC we have a wide selection including:

British Travel Posters – Railways, Aviation and shipping.
European Travel Posters – from France, Italy and Switzerland. Also North and South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Orient.
Sporting Posters – Olympics and Skiing.
Advertising Posters
War and Propaganda Posters
Automobile and Motorcycle Posters
Film Posters

Travel posters also extend to Air France, TWA, BOAC , Pan Am and railways companies such as the GWR, LNER, LMS, Southern Railways, PLM in France and the SNCF and shipping companies such as Cunard and White Star.

Artistic Styles

Our stock covers a wide range of styles including the Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil, Art Deco, Modernist, Mid Century Modern including the 1950’s and styles from the second half of the 20th century to the present day.

Notable Artists

TPC’s diverse collection includes works by notable European and British artists, such as Jules Cheret, Theodore Steinlen, Alfonse Mucha, Toulouse-Lautrec, Grun, Hohenstein, Dudovich, Metlicovitz, Terzi, Bradley, Penfield, Cassandre, Loupot, Colin,Roger Broders, Barbier, Nizzoli, Riccobaldi, Seneca, Ribas, Wiertz, Ragan, and Maurer. Hohlwein, Bernhard, Thorn-Prikker, Giacometti, Keller, Bernard, Pintori, Rand, Hofmann, Muller-Brockmann, Nitsche, Rand, Pintori, Leupin, Brun, Savignac, Klein, and Galli. D’Alesi, Dorival, Constant-Duval, Alo, Broders, Boucher, Baumberger, Cardinaux, Matter, Buzzi, Ragan, Maurer, Hohlwein, Wiertz, Anton, Fuss, Rosenvinge, McKnight Kauffer, Borgoni, Northfield, Lawler, Klein, and Galli, Bernard Villemot, Henri Matisse, Chagall, Picasso, Ferdinand Leger, Braque, Bonnard, Laura Knight, Tom Purves, Merriot, Charles Pears, Walter E Spradbery, David Shepherd, Terrance Cuneo, Norman Wilkinson and Lamorna Birch.

TPC Services

How we can help you

Our services include Linen backing, mounting, restoration and customised framing. We provide free shipping for all orders from main land UK and very competitive shipping worldwide.
At TPC we are passionate about ensuring the quality and originality of our products. Our prices take into account the artistic merit and reputation of the artist, style and subject matter, rarity, condition and conservation.

We are here to help individuals and corporate collectors worldwide to help you build your collections or just find something unusual. We can meet your particular needs and requests through our wide range of international contacts and specialists. We are always interested in purchasing single posters through to whole collections.

Please email
or call us on +44 (0)7875 176 504 for advice about how we can help you.